Graduation is approaching. Not too long until you’re free. Not too long before you have to go to college and/or get a job. Just a few more weeks until you have to enter the real world. The question is, how are you going to spend your last moments of high school?

Well first, you’re going to be studying and taking finals. But you have to do other things to keep your senioritis under control.

1. Take pictures. You’re going to want to remember graduation, your school, your friends, etc., so you might as well take pictures so you have them to help you remember in your old age. My friends and I documented everything we did our last little bit of high school and I’m so glad I have those pictures. It’s fun to look back on us hanging out and having fun.

2. Don’t just hide in your bedroom. Do you really want your last week of high school to be full of Netflix? If your school is doing a senior sluff day, go. If they’re having a senior dance, go. If they’re having any sort of senior party, go! When I was graduating high school, I didn’t want to go to any of these things because I pretty much hated everyone besides my group of friends, why would I want to hang out with everyone? but we decided to go and it was a blast! You’re only going to be seniors (in high school) once. You’re only going to graduate high school once. Live it up!

3. Shop for your graduation outfit. If you’re a girl, go to the mall and splurge on a new dress to wear under your robes. If you’re a guy, splurge on a tie. Or vice versa, if you want a tie and you’re a girl, or you want a dress and you’re a guy, go for it. It’s your high school graduation, it will only come once. You’re graduating! You deserve a nice new outfit for this special moment in your life!

4. Buy thank you notes. You’re most likely going to get money from people who want to congratulate you on graduating, you’ll want to have thank you notes ready. Also it might be nice to take a thank you note to some of your favorite teachers, I’m sure they love knowing how they influenced you in life and how wonderful a teacher they are.

5. A few days before graduation, you might have one of those moments where you have no idea what’s coming and you have a little freak out. It’s okay to have one of those. This is a big deal, you’re going to be moving away to college, living on your own-it’s a big step. It’s okay to have a little cry, eat some ice cream, watch a movie. You should talk to someone about it though, it will help you get your feelings out and they might be able to give you some comforting advice.

6. Spend time with your friends and family. If you’re moving away, you might not see them all that often. And believe it or not, you will most likely miss them. You’ll miss being able to tease your siblings, having home cooked meals, just having the comfort of family near. You’ll miss having your old gang of friends around, miss having someone to tell inside jokes to. Spend time with them all. Do things you’re going to miss doing when you move away. Go do things only your town has, or things that the new town you’ll be moving to doesn’t have.

Cherish the moments you have before graduation. Take pictures, spend time with friends and family, don’t just sit in your room and remember it’s okay to have a little freak out. The world is ahead of you, but don’t forget what you leave behind. 


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