The Final Stretch

Spring Fever is real, and it is coming. This is pretty much how I feel right now:

(If you’ve never seen “The Muppets Treasure Island” go educate yourself. I believe it is currently on Netflix.)

We just got out of Spring Break last week. We have entered the final stretch. Only about 5 1/2 weeks left of school. 5 1/2 weeks until freedom! This is possibly the hardest time of the year. You got a taste of freedom from your week of Spring Break and then they snatched it away from you. It’s a much needed break, but some times I wish they didn’t give it to us because now I feel like my brain can’t even function. It was in summer mode a whole week long; it can’t just turn on again! But alas, it has to for the last little bit of school. Here are some tips to help you get through the final stretch of school:

1. Make a calendar, set a time where you will do something to distress and have time to let your brain rest. Whether it’s once a month or once a day, you need this. It will give you something to look forward to, you will get a much needed break and you can use it as motivation by saying “if I get this paper done, I can go play frisbee in the park” or something like that. My roommates and I did this once and it really helped me get through the week because I had something fun to look forward to.

Image result for taking a break from studying

2. Don’t procrastinate. As much fun as this sounds, it will only stress you out more in the long run. All of your homework from your various classes will pile up and then you’ll be cranking out assignments all in one day/night and hate yourself. And since you would have 10 assignments due, you wouldn’t have time to take a break. Trust me, it’s not worth it to put it off.

3. Go to classes. If you don’t go to your classes, you might miss something and then you won’t understand your homework and then you’ll put it off and then you’ll hate yourself when you still have to do it and you still don’t understand it. You especially don’t want to skip the last month because that’s most likely what your final will be on.

You can do this! You can get through the last month of school! You can make it to summer! Don’t give up! (Is this pep talk working?) Good luck with the last little bit of school!


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