Fun All Around

Whenever you come to visit Cedar City, you kind of realize how small the city is. You might think “What does one do for fun in a college town like this?” well here I am to tell you. I’ll start off with the not-so-cool plans and lead up to the way cool plans.

In Cedar City:

Wal-Mart is one of the biggest hang outs in Cedar. My friends and I would go hang out there on Friday nights all the time. We’d go play with the kid toys, have picture scavenger hunts (watch out, some times they kick you out), dig through the $5 movies (there are some great find in there) and there’s food. What’s not to love?

Discovery Park is a great place to hang out. My friends and I always went at night and played hide-and-seek, zombie tag or just hung out. It’s a wooden park that is super great. There’s tons of little domes, bridges, monkey bars, swings and just places to play on. It’s pretty much one of the greatest parks in the world. You’re not supposed to go at night any more though because the cops now patrol it. Lame.

The bowling alley is actually a really cool place. It’s decorated all retroey (yes I just made that word up), they have a $5 night on Tuesdays I think. The food there is great (bowling alley food is always the best). It’s probably one of the coolest bowling alleys I’ve ever been to. They also teach the bowling alley class you can take at SUU there. The lady who teaches it is the manager of the bowling alley and she’s fantastic. I scored a turkey (three strikes in a row) while taking that class.


There’s an improv comedy club here in Cedar called Off The Cuff. If you’ve ever heard of Comedy Sports in Provo, Utah, it’s kind of like that. I’ve never actually seen them, but I’ve heard that it’s really funny. I’ve been to Comedy Sports and it was hilarious so I imagine this is hilarious too.

The Sheep Tunnels. I’ve never actually been in them, but people explore them all the time. They’re graffiti’d and underground and creepy. I think hobos live in them. There’s once or twice a year when farmers take their sheep up and down the mountains through these tunnels and they close the streets down and have a little sheep parade. But people explore them for fun when there aren’t any sheep parades going through them.

Close to Cedar City:

St. George is just 45 minutes away. There’s tons to do there. Also it’s warmer so if it’s snowing here and you’re sick of the cold, hop in the car and you’ll be in warmer weather in no time. My friends and I take trips to St. George at least once a month. There’s the mall, the outlets, laser tag, warm weather, mini golf, more choices of places to eat, did I mention warm weather?

Zions National Park. It’s a great place. It has tons of beautiful hikes and there are some weekends where it’s free to go. If you’re this close to such a beautiful place, why not go and enjoy the beautiful world? It’s between 45-60 minutes away from here. They have the famous Angel’s Landing, Observation Point, Emerald Pools and more! Plus there’s a cute little town on your way that has awesome shops you can look at.


Brian Head is about 45 minutes away as well. It’s a skiing resort for those who don’t know. I’ve never been but I’ve heard the snow is great and if you love snowboarding or skiing it’s the place to be. They also hire a lot of students to help out during the winter.

Viva Las Vegas! Vegas is only a few hours away. Tons of students go down for the weekend just to hang out and have fun. Plus it’s really warm there. I’m not a big Vegas person, but you could just hang out on the strip. Go gambling if you’re of age and have money…I’m honestly not sure what else. I know there’s more but I’ve only been once and I didn’t do anything…so ya…

Well there are some ideas for you so you don’t get here and get bored. There are tons of more things, but I can’t come up with any more off the top of my head. You’re all clever so you’ll be able to come up with more things to do as well.

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