Common College Thoughts

When you’re getting accepted to colleges and getting senioritis, you start to wonder what college will be like. You start to think “Oh I can’t wait to get to college, it will be (insert thought here)” or along those lines. Well I’m here to tell you if some of the thoughts you may be having are true or false. But just so you know, mostly everything about your college experience depends entirely on you.

Thought 1: “I’m going to party every night when I get to college” This may or may not be true. Now SUU isn’t necessarily a “party school”, but if you look, there are probably parties. You could find a party in an Amish town if you looked hard enough (not that I’m comparing Cedar City to an Amish town). Depends on 1: what your definition of party is, 2: the people you hang out with and 3: whether or not you have to study. If your definition of partying is playing board games with your friends, then you sure can party every night. If the people you hang out with are fun people, then every time you’re with them is a party. If you have a test the next day, I sure hope you choose to study rather than party.

Thought 2: “I’m never going to go to class in college, you don’t have to” This may or may not be true as well. Some teachers, a lot actually, make part of your grade your attendance. A lot of classes you can only miss up to three times without your grade dropping. If your teacher doesn’t require you to go to class, I still recommend going. You’re paying a lot of money to learn, so you might as well go to class and get your money’s worth.

Thought 3: “I’m going to change in college” Whether you’re changing who you are completely, changing your hair color or changing your address, chances are college will change you in some way. Hopefully it will be into a smarter, better person than you were before, but again that depends on you and the choices you make. College is the time where people usually ‘find’ themselves, and changing will most likely be a part of that.

Thought 4: “I can’t wait to move away from my family” You may think this for a while, but you’ll end up missing them, a lot. For some people, they miss them the moment their parents drop them off. For me, I didn’t miss them until after my first semester. At least once in your college career you will miss picking on your siblings and having your mom cook your meals. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great things about not living with your family, but you will miss some things. Cherish the moments you have with them now.

Thought 5: “I can’t go to college, I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up” That’s what college is for. Your first few years, you’re mostly taking general classes. These are meant to help you realize what you like to do and what you’re good at. They’re there to help you realize what you want to do until retirement. It’s okay to come to college without picking a major. And it’s okay to change your mind. If you think you want to be a doctor in high school, then come to college and realize you would rather be a geologist, that’s okay!

Thought 6: Choose two out of the three: 1. sleep 2. social life 3. studying. K, I know that wasn’t really a thought, but you’ve probably heard it somewhere. My first few years, I didn’t understand this, I thought I juggled them all pretty well. This last year though, I’ve noticed that I’ve been sacrificing more and more sleep. So this mostly depends on you; how social you are, how much sleep you can survive on, and how much you want to study. If you can juggle all three, awesome! If you only choose two, that’s okay. No matter what, you’ll at least get a little of each though.

Thought 7: “I’m going to starve!” False. You will not starve. Hopefully your parents are nice enough to give you food whenever you go home to visit (that’s what I do). If they’re not, we have a Wal-Mart, Smith’s, and a Lin’s. If you can’t cook, we have lots of restaurants. Maybe your roommates will take pity on you and share. If all else fails, I know someone who used to dumpster dive. So you’ll never starve. We also have these cool things called “Starving Student Cards” that you can buy for $20 and it has tons of discounts to places all over town and in St. George. There’s coupons for food and for fun things like renting a movie, going to a movie, going bowling etc.

Well, hopefully these helped a little bit. But as I said before, this is just my opinion. Most of your college experience will depend entirely on you.

“I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.” -Invictus


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