Welcome Back!

Happy New Year! Welcome back to school! I hope your Christmas break was fantastic, just like mine was. I hope you were able to give your brain the break it deserves so that you’re ready to start school again-I know I did (I may, or may not, have just have watched Netflix for three weeks straight, but I’m ready to get back into the swing of things!).

You want to know one of the best things about coming back to school? Welcome Back Week!welcome back week

“What’s Welcome Back Week?” you might ask. Well, to get students here at SUU excited about being back, SUUSA holds something fun every day the first week of classes. This week’s theme is “Disney”. They have signs all over campus saying what activities are going on, when, and where they are. If you can’t read the sign, each day has a little theme- Monday is Fantasy Land, Tuesday is Adventure Land, etc. Then they have an activity going on that day to go with the theme- Monday was meet Disney characters at Bread and Soup Nite (purposefully spelled wrong), Tuesday is a Jungle Cruise/Animal Interaction and Pirates of the Caribbean, Wednesday is Frontier Land so they’re doing roping and swing dancing that night.


One of the most popular events that SUUSA holds is Casino Night. They usually hold it during Welcome Week in the first semester, and Welcome Back Week in the second semester. People get all dressed up and go play games you’d find in a casino. But instead of money, they have tickets they give out. At the end of the night, after everyone is done gambling, they can win prizes with the tickets that they have. To go with the Disney theme, this Casino Night’s theme is New Orleans Square, which is pretty jazzy if you ask me (pun definitely intended).casino night

These activities are great ways to make new friends, get out of the apartment, and have good clean fun in college. I love Welcome Back Week. Yesterday, they were selling pretzels, popcorn and churros in the Rotunda on a little stand like they’d have at Disneyland. Who doesn’t like a good pretzel stand? The only things missing were giant turkey legs and giant pickles, but maybe they’ll have those one of the other nights.

This is just one example of the fantastic events you can look forward to when you join us here at Southern Utah Univeristy- otherwise known as The Second Happiest Place on Earth -right behind Disneyland :).


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