I wrote a poem for you about finals. I hope you enjoy it because I took precious study time to write it just for you!

‘Twas the night before finals, and all throughout campus,

all the students were studying, and wanting to cuss.

Their books were sitting on the tables with care,

all in hopes that their grades, teachers would spare.


The students weren’t snuggled all tight in their beds,

they were at the library, busy cramming their heads.

Some students, if they’re lucky little saps,

might have time for a few five minute naps.

Right when some think they are ready to sleep,

they’ll toss and turn all night and maybe even weep.

For they are so stressed about their finals test,

they’ll wake up in the morning without any zest.

Throughout the week, they’ll study and study,

with all of these finals, the mind turns to putty.

But soon tests will be over and students will be happy,

by the end of the week, students might even be sappy.

Good luck with your finals everyone! I know you’ll do great! Just keep on keeping on and here’s a few more finals memes for good luck!





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