Dead Week

Oh “Dead Week”, how I love you…not.

For those of you who don’t know what “Dead Week” is, it is the week before finals. This is the week where all the stress hits you full force. You would think finals week would be more stressful–not so my friend. This is the week when all your professors give you last minute assignments. Sometimes your finals might be in your class during “Dead Week”, depending on your professor. This week I have had to write papers, give presentations, bring my dinner onto campus so that I didn’t starve whilst studying, sacrifice precious sleep and sacrifice precious Netflix time.

It’s probably not actually as bad as I make it sound. Some students call it “Dead Week” because they have nothing to do. They’re just waiting to take their finals next week. Their teachers have run out of things to do so they either cancel class or give a pointless lecture. When I was a freshman and sophomore, this was what my “Dead Weeks” were like. I don’t remember being stressed at all.

In high school, I had never even heard of dead week. The week before finals all my teachers did was put on “The Office” and have potlucks. But I know some of you in high school are probably stressing out because your finals are coming up so I came up with some funny pictures and motivation for you.

Also there are some perks to “Dead Week”. Like the other day, the school did a showing of “Guardians of the Galaxy” for free! I hadn’t seen it yet so of course I went! It’s was amazing! The school does these movie showings all throughout the year to help students have fun and to give them a little break from studying. Last semester they showed “The Desolation of Smaug” and earlier this year they showed “Maleficent”. I also saw “The Dark Knight Rises” for the first time when the school showed it a few years ago. I’m really hoping next semester they’ll show “Mockingjay” so I don’t have to pay to go see it at the movie theater. Going to see these movies gave me a much needed break from school and they were fun and free! I’m really grateful to the school for doing this for me.

Keep on keeping on! If I can make it through “Dead Week” then you can too! I believe in you!

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