Red Riot!

This year we’ve started to do something a bit differently. Instead of just regular overnights,  we now have things called Red Riots. Our very first one was last weekend. It was super fun! We did a photo scavenger hunt tour, had Cafe Rio for dinner, had open rec night, had a dance and ate ice cream in a 100 foot gutter.

For the tour we split into groups, and ran around campus taking pictures at certain spots that were on the list. Students got to come up with their own creative ways to make the picture their own.

For open rec night, we went to the school’s gym. They had basketball for us, volleyball, the rock wall, Dance Dance Revolution. It was way fun. Then if you didn’t have fun at open rec, you could go to the dance they had. They hired a DJ and we just partied. Here’s a little video of the dance!

Because who doesn't love a good dance party!? #suuredriot #suuca

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During the dance, they put ice cream sundae stuff in a newly bought, clean 100 foot gutter. It was super fun. Here are some pictures of that! IMG_0944 IMG_0946

The next day, we waived application fees for students who wanted to apply, gave away prizes (including a flipping GoPro!) and we had a tailgate then we went to the football game. It was so much fun!

 If you want, you can go on Instagram or Twitter and search for #suuredriot and you can look at pictures seniors posted over the weekend.

There’s one coming up this weekend and it sounds like it’s going to be even more fun! We’re watching a basketball game, we’re having another open rec night, but with karaoke, those giant hamster ball things. I think we’re also doing Minute to Win It. You should definitely sign up!

We have some more next semester so if this weekend doesn’t work, you can come then. Here’s a link to dates for the overnights and you can click on the date you want and sign up for it. It’s only $20!

I hope you can come! It will be way fun and it will help you to see what college life is like. If you can’t come to a Red Riot, you should at least come get a campus tour. You need to come see campus because you’ll fall in love with it and never want to leave! It’s amazing!

I hope to see you soon!

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