Application Deadline

Guys. You know how stressed you were getting because if you wanted a scholarship to SUU you had to apply before December 1st, which is now less than a month away!? Well not anymore!! Now you have to apply before March 1st! That’s a whole three more months to get it done! I wouldn’t procrastinate though if I were you. I’d get it done ASAP because before you know it, it will be February 28 and you’ll be stressing because you forgot about your application.

And guess what? In the next little bit, they’re doing open houses where you can come apply for free!! And get awarded a scholarship right then and there! How great is that? Here’s the schedule so you can see if there’s an open house near you!

Now, to help your stress of applying go away, here are a few comics about applying for college that I hope you find just as funny as I did.

And just one more because three is my lucky number.

I hope you enjoyed those as much as I did. Now go apply before you run out of time!


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