Fall Fun

As you’re receiving your acceptance letters to SUU, your friends might try to convince you not to come here because it’s a small town and there’s nothing to do here (well at least that’s what my friends said). Well they are wrong. Here at SUU we have tons of great activities to keep you entertained so you don’t go crazy from boredom.

One of the best events the school has, in my opinion, is the homecoming  concert they have. My freshman year, they had Rocket to the Moon come, my sophomore year it was Hello Goodbye and this year it was Party Crashers.
IMG_0260 IMG_0261 IMG_0263

It was super fun! Not to mention that right after the concert, we have “True T-bird Night”. If you don’t know what that is I’ll explain. After the concert, at midnight, you and a significant other (or a stranger if you prefer) will walk down to the Old Sorrel statue and kiss…Woo! Sounds fun right? Who wouldn’t want to do that? (confession: I’ve actually never gone to that part of homecoming week, I usually leave after the concert is done. I know, I’m such a party pooper. Anyway, I hear it’s cool so…ya.)

Another event that is super popular here at SUU is….

The Scream (Ahhh!!) This year’s theme was “A Haunting Night to Remember”. Confession time again: I’ve never gone to The Scream either…I know. I’m such a boring person! I’ve been here three years and haven’t been to True T-bird night or The Scream. But I did help set up for the dance my freshman year and it looked fun. Some of my friends went this year said it was super fun. They had a fake tattoo artist, hypnotist/mentalist, an artist to draw your picture and a dance. I think they had a costume contest too with a $500 prize for one person and $1000 prize for a group. Isn’t that awesome?! I totally could have won that contest too (I was a Hobbit. Don’t be jealous because my costume was cooler than yours).

So those are the main things that they do in fall semester but they do have small activities. Like this week is Disability Week where they’re trying to help people see what disabilities are like. Last night I went (yes I actually went and did something) and watched “Patch Adams” (great movie! Go watch it!) for Disability week and it was free! They do movie showings a lot throughout the year. A few weeks ago they did a showing of “Maleficent” (before it was even out on DVD) so that’s pretty dang cool if I do say so myself.

Oh! A few weeks before Halloween, they did a haunted tour of campus. An administrator came and walked around campus with students and told ghost stories about some of the buildings. It was super creepy. I almost peed my pants.

So there you have it. A plethora of things to do when you come to school here so you won’t die of boredom. Tell your friends about these and they won’t have any other reasons to convince you not to come here. This might even convince them to join you!


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