10 Tips for College Success

As an Admissions Office, we want you to be successful when you arrive on campus for your first year. Admissions counselor, Jessica Burr, has 10 great tips to find success!

1. GO TO CLASS. If you are not a morning person, don’t sign up for early classes.

2. Introduce yourself to the professor

3. Keep all of your syllabi in one convenient place so you never overlook an

assignment, tests, presentations, etc.

4. Form study groups. When forming a study group, include people who

understand the material better than you and those who don’t understand it

as well as you. Teaching someone is the best way to learn a topic.

5. Get involved OUTSIDE of class. Join a club, get on an intramural sports team,

participate in a leadership organization, play a pickup game of ultimate

Frisbee with those who like to play. Anything! Just get connected to the

campus outside of class.

6. Don’t plagiarize. It’s never worth the consequences. Do your own work.

7. Proper prior planning prevents a poor performance. If you procrastinate,

understand that you won’t get the grades you want.

8. C’s may get degrees but you are only shortchanging yourself. Do the work.

Read the class materials. Participate in discussions. Learn all you can, while

you can.

9. Work hard, play hard. Taking time for yourself and doing things you enjoy

are just as important as working hard in the class and at your job. To stay

sharp, you need to take time to sharpen the saw.

10. Eat well. Not eating or only eating junk food will seriously mess with your

ability to concentrate, sleep, be active and even your mood.


Jessica Burr is an Admissions Counselor at Southern Utah University. Jessica graduated in 2007 from SUU with a Bachelor of Arts, Biology/Zoology Emphasis.


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