Lesson Learned.

Well, I almost made it. 

“Made what?” You might be asking yourself.

I almost made it four years without participating in that quintessential college experience everyone tells you is bound to happen at least once during your college career.
I almost proved that idea wrong.
Until Sunday.
You see, my capstone paper was due Monday at 5pm. After a rough past week of late nights and slaving away all weekend (yes, I know I should have been slaving away all semester…kind of the point of a senior capstone paper…#procrastinationproblems), I felt confident I would have plenty of time to finish it up this weekend.
But, roughly five panic attacks and 1,900 articles about Laura Bush later…
I finally pulled my first ever all-nighter. 7:30 pm on Sunday to 6:38 pm on Monday. I’m lucky to have an office at the school–but being the only person in the student center at night can get a little long…

This is disturbingly accurate…

By the way, I would not recommend an all nighter to ANYONE. I don’t know how people do it, I really don’t. I’m exhausted. Physically and mentally. Lesson learned. NEVER AGAIN. 
Now, here I am sitting in my bed, wide awake, at midnight. Because now that I’m not completely stressing over my paper, I’m just coming to the realization that I GRADUATE IN 10 DAYS.
Just like my good friend James Taylor tells us, “the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time”. So, now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the ride!  Good luck with your last few weeks (or month) of school! Stay strong and at all costs, avoid all nighters!

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