Okay, the finals end.

Same thing.

Like I mentioned in my last post, sweet freedom is just around the corner.

And now is the time to prepare.

Here are a few things that are absolutely imperative to survival:

ONE: A lucky water bottle. And yes, a lucky one. I believe in the scientific principle of diffusion. Therefore, if your lucky water bottle is near you while you are studying, that knowledge will absorb into the bottle. Next thing you know, your water bottle is feeding it all back to you when you take your final and BOOM. Increase in knowledge ten-fold.

TWO: A lucky pencil. (See ONE.)

THREE: Some solid jams. And not the strawberry kind. (Unless it’s the song Strawberry Bubblegum by JT) The right music will do wonders for your focus, attitude, and drive. Trust me.

FOUR: Confidence. Yo homie. You studied your little heart out and have done your very best (most likely…)! Go into that sucker glowing with confidence. Ten points to Gryffindor for dressing fancy!

FIVE: A Victory Dance Party. Okay so maybe not everyone in the world is like me and enjoys a good dance party, BUT it’s necessary. Once you leave that tension-filled room, throw those hands up in the air and fist pump baby. You deserve it!

Not only does this apply to end of the year tests and finals…

It applies TO LIFE.

Well probably anyways.

I mean it only makes sense…

Yeah life!


K I’m done.


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