Sweet, Sweet, Freedom: Dyl’s Top Five Faves about Finishing Finals

Summer is upon us folks.

T minus < two weeks till finals and sweet, sweet, freedom.


Here are Dyl’s Top Five Favorite things about being done with finals in no particular order.

1. Dance partayyy


So maybe it’s just me, but I enjoy a good dance party; solo or no-solo. There is always a reason to dance, and what better time than when your finals are O-V-E-R. Can I get a “whoop whoop!”

2. Adventure Awaits


Summer is the best time to adventure and explore. Might I suggest local Zion’s National Park or Bryce Canyon? Because that’s definitely where I am going to be for a week starting May 2. Just saying.

3. That weather though!


Since summer will just be starting, so will the delicious warm weather. While Cedar weather can be a little iffy, summertime= perfect time. Get too hot? Hit up Tiki Shack (yum!)  Thunderstorm? Take advantage of that hipster life and hit up The Grind (double yum!) It’s a win-win!

4. New school supplies!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, so maybe this is the reason this is “Dyl’s Top Five” because office supplies are one of the greatest things ever created and I definitely think they should be celebrated. Sharpies, notebooks, pens, pencils, organization galore! *fabulouuuuuus*



Light up the ceremonial bonfire and say sayonara to homework, club meetings, and scholarly obligations. Unless you go to summer school… You are free as a bird! And like they say, “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird” baby.

Here’s to (almost) summer!


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