What’s “Lambing”?

I grew up in Richfield Utah, a small town of about 8,000 people. It’s a farming town so hay fields and cows almost outnumber the people. Because of this, I thought I was pretty “country” but I was soon about to find out I was about as far from “country” as a person could get. If you know me, you probably aren’t surprised by this but just roll with it.

One of my very best friends in the whole world and probably one of the coolest people you will ever meet, Alex Jones, has a farm. It’s conveniently named “The Jones Family Farm” and when you get an invitation to attend the Jones Family Farm you know that life is great. That’s exactly what happened to me yesterday when Alex asked if I wanted to go to the farm with her and experience lambing season. Of course I answered with a yes because these invitations are pretty exclusive. Okay let’s be real they are super easy to get all you have to do is ask but again, just roll with it.

We got to the farm and I bet you can guess what happened next…lambs were everywhere! If lamb-napping was legal I would probably have at least 10 of those things living in my room and coming to class with me. Obviously having a following of lambs is not socially acceptable in today’s society so I decided to leave them at the farm, but Alex did give me permission to visit whenever I wanted…SCORE!

Who knew that I would have a chance to experience lambing season in college? This is another thing that I love about Cedar City; there are so many random and fun adventures to go on all of the time! If you are into adventure, you will love Cedar City too!

Here are some pictures so you can feel the same joy I felt when I hung out with these fun little creatures for an hour.

The Jones Family Farm

The Jones Family Farm

Alex and I with my new best friend

Alex and I with my new best friend

Kori & Jaci love lambing season too!

Kori & Jaci love lambing season too!


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