...we can just overlook Saturday...

…we can just overlook Saturday…

There could not be a more perfect week for the traditional spring and happiness filled-activities sponsored by SUUSA. In the past year, we haven’t had much luck with outdoor events–I’ll blame it on the absolutely unpredictable weather in Cedar City. One hour it can be snowing, the next, the sun is out and/or the wind is blowing 40mph.

Let me give you a quick rundown of the events this week:

On Monday we had Bread and Soup night on the quad. It was a perfect evening to enjoy some food and entertainment. If you need a little refresher on the awesome-ness of this event, check out my last post about eating on a budget.

Yesterday was Festival of Excellence. Shannon explained that one perfectly in her post yesterday. It was a lot of fun. I went to a few presentations, one about student retention at SUU and another about a student trip to Dubai.

Tonight there’s a showing of the Hobbit for all the hobbit loving people out there!

Thursday is BINGO BANGO PALOOZA! Always a favorite at SUU. Fun fact, I have never actually made it to a bingo night because they have to turn people away. You can only fit so many tables into the Ballroom and I never quite make it on time. Well, now that I’m graduating in May, might as well attend my first Bingo Night! I will go as early as I can! The prizes are unbelievably good this year too. We’ve got everything from a big screen TV, GoPro camera, Volleyball net, camp chair, a beach cruiser bike…and everything in between.

Friday is a big BBQ on the quad (free food everywhere) during the day and Off The Cuff comedy event that night. They are a local improv comedy troupe here in Cedar City  and they’re HILARIOUS! Can’t wait for that.

Then, Saturday is the ultra-classy “Thunderbird Awards” event! It’s like the Oscars, but at SUU. This is where students, community members, faculty, staff, come together for a night to celebrate the amazing people we have here. Even Thor is getting fitted for his tuxedo as seen in the picture below. After the awards ceremony, is the Thunderbird Ball in the Great Hall. Another unforgettable event.


So there you have it, Sunfest. The best way to enjoy the sun before you’re trapped inside studying for finals. Ironically, there’s only one outdoor event. Cross your fingers the weather doesn’t suddenly change its mind!


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