What on earth is the Festival of Excellence?

Today is the annual Festival of Excellence. Or, as you may come to know it better, the day when classes are “canceled.” But before you head home to watch Netflix, you should know what Festival of Excellence is really about and why it might be better than another episode of Game of Thrones.

Festival of Excellence is a day when classes are suspended – but it’s for a reason. And that reason is to give students the chance to go to presentations by other students. These sessions can be about anything: a trip to Nepal, an art display, or even a musical performance. Basically it’s a day when a bunch of students who have done awesome things get together and tell you about it… to let you know you can do awesome things too.

So, when you’re at SUU and you hear “Festival of Excellence,” don’t let your mind jump straight to “no responsibilities.” Instead, take the opportunity to expand your horizons.

To view a schedule of this year’s Festival of Excellence, click here!


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