College Life = Eating on a Budget

Hi, my name is Bailey, and I LOVE delicious food. (Seriously though…you’re talking to someone who watches cooking shows on the weekend and isn’t afraid to admit it).

That is why I feel it is my duty to fair warn you–when you get to college, nothing ever quite lives up to mom’s cooking. I always thought I might be able to recreate her signature dish..but I just can’t. I can never buy all of those perfect ingredients and fresh food/produce that she buys and I never quite have all the right cooking tools like I have in my kitchen at home. As a student, when you’re paying for school, fees, books, car, gas, rent, utilities, phone bills, netflix subscriptions (necessary) etc. etc. etc. it’s hard to make that paycheck stretch!


This was one of the first meals my roommate and I attempted to make at college. …Don’t even ask what it’s supposed to be. #CookingFail #CollegeFail

Now, don’t let these facts discourage you. I mean, we all still need to eat, right?! Let me tell you about the best ways to get the most bang for your buck.

On the first MONDAY of every month, attend BREAD & SOUP NIGHT in the student center ballroom. For $2 and a can of food, you can get all you can eat bread and soup. That’s a steal (and a lot of fun). If it’s not the first Monday of the month, consider going to the HOPE Pantry at the Community Engagement Center where students on a tight budget can pick up non-perishable food items–no questions asked.

On TUESDAYS, head to Cafe Rio and partake in TACO TUESDAY! You can get a taco for just $1.50.

Every WEDNESDAY, enjoy free pizza hut pizza and a lively political discussion at PIZZA & POLITICS.

On THURSDAYS, grab a group of friends and enjoy dinner at ST. JUDES EPISCOPALIAN CHURCH just a block away from campus. It’s open to all students and community members and it’s always free.

On FRIDAY’S, go to the OUTTAKES store in the student center at (or soon after) 9:00 in the morning and get a breakfast burrito for only $1.00. They’ve got bacon, sausage, or just eggs and cheese. For only a dollar? YES.

And for SATURDAY’S & SUNDAY’S, splurge on cereal, ramen and popcorn. Okay, okay, not really. The weekends are when I like to try out a new/semi-healthy RECIPE. I’m a big fan of the frozen vegetables and fruit (very reasonably priced) that I can use as a side dish or (for the fruit) in a smoothie. YUM!

There you go, my friends. I’ve just outlined how to eat on a budget as a college student for at least one meal out of your day. Not to mention all of the activities, club events, etc. that often offer free food.

Eating on a budget is definitely part of the college lifestyle, but thanks to Cedar City and SUU, it doesn’t mean you have to eat ramen every day.

Bailey Bowthorpe is a senior strategic communication major from Holladay, UT. She has been heavily involved on SUU’s campus as a Presidential Ambassador for three years and is now the SUUSA (Student Government) Vice President of Academics. In her spare time, Bailey likes to hike, sing, eat popcorn and read autobiographies.

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