I’m warning you now, imma get a little cheesy on you.

Bear with me.

So I’m driving back from St. George after going down to see my family, and all the sudden it hits me:


Brilliant right?

I know.

But seriously.

There are so many opportunities to take advantage of, and people to meet, and places to go, and I literally yelled out loud in my car, “HOLY COW. THE WORLD IS HUGE.”

*tiny panic/excitement attack here*

And then I started thinking, “Okay, I’ve got about two-ish more years of college to focus in on. Getter done. Get my degree in something I love. Then I EXPLORE. Like Indiana Jones! Or Zooey Deschanel!” (Made sense at the time. Don’t ask.)

I know that parents and old folks drill it in your head from the beginning, but for reals: an education opens like, a bazillion doors and opportunities. So far my experience at SUU has done just that. It has given me opportunities to learn and grow and meet new people so that I can leave Cedar City confident and excited and ready to take on the world.

BOOM. (duck face gang sign photo (use your imagination.))

Guys, life is great.

Aren’t you stoked?

Also, I would like this T-Shirt.




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