It’s people like this.

There will come times in your life when you meet someone and you know that they are going to make a difference for you and you will definitely change your life because of their influence. If you haven’t experienced this, I invite you to experience it for the first time by coming to SUU. What? Wow you say, that’s bias! Yes it totally is! BUT it’s totally truthful. I’ll show you why:

This guy right here

Professor Jim McCoy and I!

Professor Jim McCoy and I!

I am an education major with 2 concentrations in Early Ed and ESL. I really want to teach kindergarten when I graduate from SUU and I know that’s exactly what I want to do. However it wasn’t always that way. I never wanted to be in education and if you’ve read one of my past blog post, (here) you know the whole story. Well I am loving every moment here! I am super excited to to be in the education program and I am growing so much in it.

Anyway, so why is this guy, Professor Jim McCoy, so awesome? Because he is amazing and kind and wonderful and happy. Because, he’s the type of professor that will be that person who changes your life, and you will find him here at SUU. He walks into class every day with a smile on his face. Just today he walked around my class and shook everyone’s hand and gave them a genuine compliment before class started. He also walked in and said: “Smile everyone! It’s a beautiful day and you are going to be great people! You already are!”

I am scared to death to be a teacher. There is so much pressure that comes with the job, but it’s because of professors like dear Jim McCoy I know I can do it. It is because these education teachers give it their all and they really care that future educators are becoming the best people they can be so they can change lives!

Now because I’ve changed my major and taken a lot of classes, I have had A TON of different professors and I can tell you that though they are human and sometimes mistakes are made, they try their hardest to be their best for you. YOU are the reason they teach and they make sure you know it.

I have been really blessed to be here at SUU and to have met Professors like Jim McCoy. I will forever be changed because I came here and I made the choice to be great, because I knew and know that SUU will make me that way.

SO, like I’ve said before: What are you waiting for? Come, join the nation and be great. Come be changed forever by the amazing influence of people like this.

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