Siksha Color Festival

If you haven’t been able to tell by  now, there are  a whole list of things I love about being a college student. However, one of my most favorite things (besides anything that has to do with SUU) is the ability to learn about different cultures. SUU is home to a diverse group of students coming from different cities, states, countries, and religions.

On Saturday, we had a Siksha Color Festival on campus. Now you are probably wondering what this is because I sure was when I first heard about it. This festival is traditionally celebrated in India as part of the Hindu religion. The purpose of this festival is to celebrate the arrival of Spring, the end of winter, and to give individuals the opportunity to repair any broken friendships while having a lot of fun. In the past, the closest festival to Cedar City has been located in Spanish Fork, Utah but this year we got lucky because a group of students decided to host a festival here on campus. To make the festival even better, all the money that was collected from purchasing the colored powder is being donated to children in India so they can afford to get a college education. Two of my most favorite things in one place: helping others and having fun!

Now how does this not look fun? Who doesn’t love getting dirty by throwing bags of colored powder at friends and complete strangers? Events like this are the perfect opportunity to give back and to learn about other cultures while making incredible memories with friends.

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