Never Enough Red

So like Shannon already told you in her post, Spring Break was this last week and let’s just say that I love everything about Spring Break. I mean who doesn’t love a break from school, not having to work, soaking up endless amounts of sunshine, and being able to do whatever you want.

This Spring Break was especially great because I was able to go on a cruise with 7 friends. Now, let’s be honest here I am in no way a rich college student which has led me to take advantage of every great deal that comes my way. Because of that priceless life lesson, when we saw the price of this vacation we couldn’t resist!

I would hate to bore you with all the details about my week, but here is one thing that I know you wont’ find boring. That’s right…SUU rocks! Every SUU student knows that you cannot go anywhere without packing an SUU shirt. Why you ask? Well let me give you 3 reasons. Reason #1: everyone looks good in red…don’t think so, go throw on a red shirt and look at yourself in the mirror. Told you!!! Reason #2: as an SUU student you have at least 10 red shirts so the chance that one of them is going to end up in your suitcase is very high. And finally Reason #3: when you go to such an amazing school like SUU you can’t help but represent your T-bird pride every where you go! Because of these 3 reasons, we found ourselves sporting our SUU gear in some pretty good Kodak moments.

Moral of the story, we represented SUU for the whole 5 days and had a great time doing it. We were able to meet someone who had graduated from SUU and is now working in California. We even convinced parents from California to send their daughter to SUU for a campus tour. Like I said, when you love a school this much you can’t help but share it every where you go. So if you want to love everything about your college and what it stands for, SUU is the place for you. Who knows, you may even find yourself on a cruise and being the best looking group on the ship. Don’t we look classy in that red?

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