For SUU students, now that Spring Break is over and everyone is getting back into the daily routines of school, it may seem as if there isn’t much else to look forward to besides summer.

LUCKILY, there is something more to look forward to for us on campus–FOUNDER’S WEEK! This is one of my all time favorite traditions at SUU. Beginning on Monday, “SUU Founders Facts” posters start popping up all over campus and we start prepping for one of the most anticipated events on campus, LUNCH ON THE MAIN! This is like a travelling lunch where students stop by five historic locations on campus and enjoy some free food (who doesn’t love that?!). At each location are Alumni and past faculty who share a little of their SUU experience and the history of their location with the students. After visiting every stop, students can enter to win a drawing for all sorts of fun SUU gear and/or a kindle fire!

I mean really, I think we can all appreciate an afternoon on campus dedicated to free food and SUU’s history?

Now you’re probably wondering why in the world I care so much about founders week.  An even better question, why should YOU care about it?

Thanks for asking.

First of all, getting to know a little bit about the history and founding of SUU connects you more to the school. It may sound silly, but understanding everything that the founders went through to build Old Main and help the school succeed in the years to come helps me to appreciate the quality education I am receiving at SUU. I also found out that the elementary school I went to in Salt Lake City is named after one of the SUU founders–Howard R. Driggs. He was an extraordinary educator and wrote many books about the American West. So many crazy connections!

To make things even better, this founders week will be special because we’re topping things off with a celebration–a concert by Kenny Loggins (sings Danger Zone) and Chris Wallace (sings Remember When)! Can’t wait.

Knowing about how SUU was founded and connecting with students, alumni and donors really will help you get involved, make connections, and have a deeper appreciation for your education. I can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself!

Bailey Bowthorpe is a senior strategic communication major from Holladay, UT. She has been heavily involved on SUU’s campus as a Presidential Ambassador for three years and is now the SUUSA (Student Government) Vice President of Academics. In her spare time, Bailey likes to hike, sing, eat popcorn and read autobiographies. 

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