My Top Ten Here at SUU!!

I am a transfer student from Salt Lake Community College. Moving out and learning that you have to take control of your life can be difficult, but looking back now transferring to SUU has been one of the best and life changing experiences I could have wished for!

Here is a little bit of “advice” I guess we can call it that. Anyway its about surviving college and some of my favorite things about SUU and Southern Utah in general. Ready?

1. Take advantage of the beauty around campus!

ImageWe are so lucky to have such a beautiful campus! I am pretty sure I have more pictures of our campus and the sunsets in Cedar City then I do of anything else on my phone.


2. One of my favorite traditions is the Cater Carillion, aka the Bell Tower! Coming in as a Freshmen or a Transfer student you will come to T-bird academy and walk under the bell tower with your class from East to West, this signifying  goodbye to High school or previous College. You don’t walk under it again until you are graduating, when you do graduate you will walk under it from West to East saying goodbye to SUU. If you walk under before you graduate you will explode. Just kidding… But really.

Image 3. Coming to a school of only 8,047 students kind of scared me a little bit, although I have grown to LOVE it! All my professors know me by my name. Which is SO awesome! I have been at the Grocery store, on a date etc. And they will come and talk to me ask how I am doing!

4. Get involved! SUU always has something going on! One of my favorite weeks is Homecoming week. To be exact, I love casino night that goes on during homecoming week. Everyone dresses up and we get to go play Black Jack etc and win money. At the end of the night we go turn in our chips to win prizes.


5. Take early morning classes they said. You had class at 7:30 in high school you will be fine they said! Wrong… 8:00 AM classes are killer. I struggled with classes that early, 9:00 AM classes I can do. A half hour more of sleep makes a huge difference. Trust me.


6. Another one of my favorite traditions is “true T-bird” night. At the end of homecoming week on a full moon we will all gather down at Old Sorrel a little before Midnight. At midnight you kiss someone and you become a true T-bird! This is the one night it is not frowned upon to kiss a stranger…



7. When SUU first became a college students were not very involved, in games, dances, etc. Sharwan Smith worked as a Vice President of activities. She saw that the students were not participating in anything. She helped the students start their own clubs. We now have over 140 clubs that sit on campus and students are very involved in what goes on, on campus. SUU built a statue of her in the Rotunda to remember her by, and remember what she did for our University.



8. The Library is one of my favorite building that sits on campus. It has a floor that has a huge window on the ceiling. It’s a natural lit room. It is now of my favorite places to study. I have also been up there while while it has been snowing, and also a lighting storm, super cool!!  Probably one of my favorite rooms on campus!

9. Take advantage of the fun classes they offer. I will always take a load of hard classes and then one “fun” class to be my de-stressor. There is a Rock Climbing class. Every once in a while the professor will take the class out on a field trip and you get to climb! It’s an absolute blast!

10. Coming to SUU has been such a blast and such a great experience! My last thing I am going to say about SUU is that I have met some awesome people! Not only college students but elderly couples  also that will invite me over for dinner or will just sit and talk with me. Never in a million years did I think I would be saying I don’t want to leave Cedar City.

Live college to the fullest! Don’t have any regrets!



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