We’re those Flippin Birds

No, the title does not mean what many would think it means. 🙂 SUU is way more classier than that. But what it does mean is that we have one amazing gymnastics team that makes me smile and wish I could do everything they do. Now I know you’ve already seen a few post about SUU sport and the gymnastic team, but when something is especially awesome, it needs to be shared!

Last night the SUU t-birds went up against the BYU Cougars and once again, we showed them exactly what we’re made of last night when we took home the victory. It was awesome to sit in the crowed completely surrounded by other t-brids cheering our girls on as they competed in floor, beam, bars, and vault. 

There literally is nothing like being in a massive group of students all rooting for the same thing and all wanting nothing more than our girls to beat those Cougars. I can’t tell you how many sporting events I’ve been to where the feeling and the excitement just puts you in another time and another place. I remember coming from a high school where the school spirit suffered a little and we as a student council tried everything to get everyone engaged. It just didn’t work. The first football game I attended my first year here at SUU blew me out of the water. No one sat. No one. At least out of the students. They were loud and proud and that’s what I felt again last night. There wasn’t much standing but the cheering and support that our students gave to our team what they needed to win. The head coach of the SUU Flippin Birds said in an interview with Cedar City’s Spectrum News Paper, “We couldn’t do it without you guys. Our fans are the ones who made us win that meet. They helped us out.”

You. That’s right. You.

The student. The other Thunder Birds that go out and support the teams are the reason we can stand together as an entire school. I’m telling ya, if you want to be a part of something big, come to SUU. Be that student who helps your team win. Cheer loud, and stand proud. You’ve got it in you, you Future T-bird!


We love these meets!!


SUU provided these Rally Towels for everyone who came last night. It was a blast to wave them around and a cool thing to take home and keep forever!


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