Big Kid School aka Grad School

When I started going to school at SUU, I really didn’t think about what was going to happen after I put on that cap and gown on the day of Commencement and received my degree. The only thing I was sure of is that I would be ready to start a career and get rich!

Well, as much fun as that sounds it’s not realistic in the least bit. The more I explored the career I wanted to have the more I realized that I was going to have to get a Master’s degree which only meant one thing…graduate school. The first time I realized that I was a little freaked out! Me in graduate school…yeah not happening. However, when I began to look more into my career and the Master’s degree that would help me get a successful job I began to get excited. The classes looked super interesting and I was excited to have a fresh start in a new place.

These past three of weekends have been spent on shuttles to and from the Las Vegas airport, on a plane going all over the country, driving rental cars in huge cities (good thing someone decided to invent the GPS), and sleeping in hotels. Despite how tired travelling can be, I loved every second of it. I loved telling the other candidates that were interviewing at the different schools with me where I was from and explaining how much I loved Southern Utah University. When we talked about experiences we had at our undergraduate institutions, they were all amazed at the incredible opportunities I have had at SUU. Because of all the reflection I have done over these past few weeks, I have  come to one conclusion…I LOVE SUU! It has more than prepared me to enter grad school and get a successful career. Now, graduate school may not be for everyone but no matter what your career goals are, SUU is the place for you! Besides, how could you not want to go to a school that looked like this.

campus red hill 6.06

Now all I have to do is decide where I am going…stay tuned for the next episode of “Where Will Weston Go?”.

Oregon State


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