Real Life Experience

Lately, I’ve come to realize one of the coolest things about SUU: how involved students can be and how much experience we can get.

I’m a communication major, specifically “strategic communication” which is a mix of advertising and public relations. In this field, just like any other, it’s important to get lots of experience before going out and finding a job. So, as part of my PR campaigns class, I got to help plan and create materials for a Valentine’s Day dinner called “Two Tickets to Paris” at Marie’s French Bakery, a local restaurant.

As part of this, my class got to plan the entire event, construct a mini Eiffel tower, create collateral such as flyers and tickets, record radio ads, throw paper airplanes down from the top of the rotunda, and run a highly successful photo booth.

I even got to star in a charming little proposal video.

Overall the event was fantastic! Couples got to write love letters to each other, eat delicious French food that can’t be found anywhere else in Cedar City, and then get their pictures taken in the whimsical photo booth created by our class. We were able to provide a fun, romantic atmosphere for the customers while raising awareness for the bakery and meeting the expectations of the client.

ImageI’m so glad I go to a school where I can get these amazing opportunities and the real world experience I need to succeed. I can’t wait to see what project I get to work on next! 

PS: The event we planned was featured in the University Journal! Check it out here! And look for the video coming soon!


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