Oh the month of LOVE… (Ewww)

Oh happy month of gushy love…. So fun! So as we all know it’s February, which means love is in the air. Which means for the people who don’t have a “Valentine” usually dislike this month… BUT I am here to say there is no reason to be a hater! I am here to spread some Valentines love!

So…Roommates No matter how big of weirdo you are they are forced to live with you and love you… Lets be honest that awesome!


Now college life can get crazy sometimes and you feel like you are about to lose your footing, well I am here to tell you there is always going to be someone that “loves” you enough to keep you from falling or in my case flying up the mountain…


School can get tricky sometimes and sometimes you cant go up or down, your kind of stuck. But like I said remember there are always people that have got your back. That could be your professors, roommates, boy or girlfriend and friends. Whatever it may be, use them to your advantage and let them help you out.


 We are so lucky to go to such a beautiful and an amazing University. SUU honestly was my “first love” ha-ha just kidding… no im not…  but anyway…


And peeps don’t forget the ones that love you, you don’t need to have a “Valentine” this month (whatever the heck that is) remember the ones that truly love you and are always going to be here for you no matter what!


This semester do everything in your power to get what and where you want to be in life! Don’t look back and regret anything. Make not only this semester, but every second count!  Remember you are LOVED!! Ask your self are you willing to take the risk to get what you want? Make it COUNT T-birds!! Love you all


Peace out peeps! Have a Valentines Day! Remember you are LOVED!!

Kelsey Stone is a Junior Elementary Education major, Loves children and cannot wait until she is teaching. She enjoys to rock climb and loves slurps-up drinks. (Dirty Diet coke to be exact) She loves SUU with all her heart and would not mind living around Cedar when she settles down.

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