Every Student a Member

I have a fun fact.

When you come to SUU, you are automatically a part of the biggest organization on campus. You don’t have to sign up, interview or audition for it–the only qualification is being a student. Being a part of this organization means voicing your opinions to your leaders, attending stellar activities, getting involved in over 160 clubs, going to the basketball games, and so on (but really, there’s a lot).

This organization is called THE SOUTHERN UTAH UNIVERSITY STUDENT ASSOCIATION, and every student is a member.

Within this organization are dedicated student leaders who are elected and appointed to carry out all of the many functions of SUUSA. As I’ve mentioned before, this year, I’ve had the opportunity to serve as Vice President of Academics. It was my first year getting involved in the leadership of SUUSA and it’s been extremely rewarding.

Here are four ways you can get involved with SUUSA as soon as you walk on to campus:

#1 Come to the athletic events. That’s just a huge part of college life , and it’s always great to cheer on the T-Birds! SUUSA has two athletic directors who work to make sure the student section is packed with thunderbird fans. They plan extremely fun tailgates and before/after parties to get you at the games and having a good time.


#2 Share your opinions, ideas, or concerns with your senator. Every college at SUU has a senator elected by its students to represent them. A senator sits on on various university committees, carries out academic initiatives within their college and participates in a weekly open forum meeting. The senate knows how to get things done on campus and wants to help students in their academic endeavors.


#3 Join a club. We have everything from Dumbledore’s Army, DECA, greek organizations, break dancing club, stand up comedy, to outdoor adventure clubs. There’s something for everyone and it’s a great way to meet people who have the same interests you do. Plus, you have a club director who works with every club on campus to set goals and earn money for your club to host activities or attend competitions or events.

#4 Attend activities. This another huge part of college life, and let me tell you, our student activities board knows how to plan some incredible events on campus. Whether it’s a “Thunder Thursday” movie night, open mic session, a paint dance, or a casino night with over 1,200 students in attendance, activities are where you’ll create memories and enjoy taking a break from classes. The video above shows the very best of SUU’s clubs and activities at an event we like to call “paint the town red”.

Moral of the story: get involved! As soon as you walk under that bell tower on your first day here, you’re already a part of an organization that will connect you with just about anything you want to do on campus.


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