So, are you thinking about elections yet?

If not, don’t worry, only a select few are, for the rest of you election week is that time when you get a whole lot of free candy, free bracelets, stickers, pencils, scantrons, etc.  And your friends are all fighting over which free shirt you should be wearing.

I’ve participated in two elections, one of which I won in an epic battle to the death and the other I won by default.  They can be a stressful time with wars over student’s votes.  They can also be a blast with a lot of campaigning taking place in wee hours of the morning or night, setting up signs or knocking on doors.  All of this is coming in less than a month.  If you interact with the candidates, please be nice to them, they are running on fumes and are trying their darndest to stay enthusiastic and happy for the masses (even though they probably only got 6 hours of sleep total for the whole week).  If you think it’s a popularity contest and your vote doesn’t count, you are what’s the matter with democracy.  Vote, and I promise it will count.  Last year we had a Senator position that came to a tie, and in a re-vote the person won by only one vote, so make your voice heard.

For those of you running, give it your all.  I know this seems obvious, but research the position you are running for, it will make you sound a lot smarter during elections.  You only have a week this year, so make it count.  With that said, don’t over do it.  Some people burn themselves out and it creates a heaping pile of sobbery and tsuris if they lose.  Don’t complain either, it makes it harder on the rest of your party to stay optimistic.  Know that you chose this and it’s a great experience, no matter the outcome.  Finally, have fun.  It’s a crazy week, and even though the days seem long, and you are trying so hard to vie for people’s votes, you will end up working with many of the people you are competing against.  Grudges and guile help no one, so have as much fun as you can, with those in your party and those without.

Good luck to all those who run, and to those who don’t, support the vote.

Shawn Domgaard is a Masters student in the Professional Communication program from Gusher, UT.  He graduated with his BA in Comm Studies and Strategic Communication with a minor in Creative Writing in 2013 from SUU.  He is married to the beautiful Rachel Renae Domgaard, an Elementary Ed major from Parowan, UT.  He enjoys myriad things with an eclectic interest.



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