SUU has got it all

SUU is beautiful. The campus, the school, the people…. every single thing about our wonderful university is really just at the top of its game.

I’ll let the following pictures speak for themselves:


During the fall


During the winter


During the spring


And even during the summer

I know I write about how great our university is because of its amazing professors and classes, but something else that is really important for someone like me is going to a school that has a beauty that makes attending school enjoyable at any time. As I went around and toured different schools the first judgement I made was honestly on how the campus looked. Did it present itself like a place where my learning could bloom and I would be able to grow into the person I wanted to be? Well, as soon as I stepped on SUU’s campus I noticed that it was well taken care of. The trees where gorgeous and all over the campus. The flowers were blooming and the grass was green. I fell in love. It was wonderful.

When I started to attend school here, winter came as it always does here in Utah. And I anticipated for the worse. Ice everywhere and snow everywhere. Despite growing up in Utah my entire life I always have to prep myself for the cold and snow. The first time I walked on campus when it was snowy, I was surprised to see that things were taken care of or in the process of being taken care of. I was pleased and I knew that the university really cared about watching out for their students.

When you consider schools, I truly believe that their outward appearance can reflect their inward appearance as well. Coming to SUU you will see that everything, I mean everything is wonderful. And it really does start on the outside. So yes, I am telling to judge a book by the cover, but when it comes to this, it’s completely and totally allowed.


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