Friday Night Gymnastics

I am a huge sports fan of all kinds, but there is one sport in particular that I get extremely excited for every year…SUU Gymnastics. I love watching our other teams like football, basketball, volleyball, and soccer but nothing makes me quite as excited as a Friday night gymnastics meet.

This past Friday night we hosted a meet against Boise State University. Now keep in mind that the weekend just before that, we lost to them by .05 of a point. If that’s not a heart breaker than I don’t know what is. So, Friday night came around and I knew the meet was going to intense. No one likes to loose, but no one likes to loose especially to the same team twice in a row.

Well I bet you are all wondering what happened…so I will tell you. Our gymnasts did incredible. They all performed so well and each of them played a role in helping us win. Yes I said it, WE WON! I have never been so excited in my life and I lost my voice from yelling so loud. I’m pretty sure everyone around me thought I was crazy but you know what, sometimes I just can’t contain my T-bird pride.

I love supporting our athletics teams and helping cheer them on to victories. Not only is it a great way to gain school spirit but it’s also a great opportunity to spend time with friends by cheering on our fellow students. Our student athletes are incredible people and I’m happy to call many of them friends. How can you experience more at SUU? Come to our next athletic event and I will show you how.


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