You Know You Live in Southern Utah When…

  • You can see the stars at night from pretty much anywhere.
  • You’ve played glowstick tag in more than one cave in Snow Canyon.


  • You see gorgeous sunsets on the daily.
  • Your summer plans include cliff jumping and boating at Sand Hollow.


  • When you turn 21, the first thing you want to do is go to Mesquite to play bingo.
  • Brian Head is the the best ski resort out there.
  • You spend most weekends hiking in Zion, Kanarraville, St. George, Cedar Breaks, or Bryce Canyon.


  • You can drive out of a snow storm and into a sunny day in less than an hour.
  • You’ve spent a few nights watching scary movies in abandoned ghost towns.
  • You get invited to a bonfire in an obscure location every weekend.


  • You know how to pronounce “Hurricane.”
  • You go to SOUTHERN UTAH University!

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