Always Look On The Brighter Side of Life

As the difficulty and work loads of the semester begin to settle in and start to feel comfortable enough to go to the refrigerator without asking, I’ve noticed students start to get that “look” on their faces.  The look of confusion and frustration appear around campus.  I understand, I’m in that “lost college student” state of mind.  However, I try to look forward to things that are to come.  Things like: Spring Break, Easter, my summer Euro Trip…  

If there aren’t any exciting vacations to think about here are things that always make me happy:

1.  Sitting inside and relaxing on a rainy day

2.  Clothes straight from the dryer

3.  That feeling you get on roller coasters

4.  Movie/Game nights with friends

5.  Jumping into the pool

6.  Walmart adventures…




There’s always something to make those hard days better.  Look on the brighter side of the days when you have a quiz, test, and two presentations.  All that pays off and you just need to push through and do the best you can.  Good luck out there T-Birds!




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