10 new year resolutions for college students…

Welcome back everrrrybody! Well it’s a new semester and all of us hopefully set some goals for 2014. As a college student I have started to notice my goals and exceptions are kind of pathetic…. BUT they will help me survive college! 

1. DON’T sign up for 8 o’clock classes. This is basically a death wish! 

2. Wash clothes after wearing them instead of using febreze to give them that “clean” smell…

3. Don’t check insta, twitter or facebook 30 times during a 50 minute class.

4. Go to the gym instead of watching Netflix. 



5. Hit the snooze button “less”… 2 maybe 3 times… 

6. Stop spending money that grows on tree’s… in my parents backyard.

7. TRY to stop procrastinating.


8. Eat the bare “minimum” of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream a week. (1 maybe 2 tub’s)

9. Stop considering 3-4 hours a sleep a good night’s rest. 

10. And last but not least… See how many of these “College Resolutions” actually get completed… or do longer then a week.   

Love you all, good luck this semester!

Kelsey Stone is a Junior Elementary Major. She loves the outdoors and hiking. When she graduates she would like to own her own Pre-school. She loves SUU and likes to write for the Tbirdnation blog!  


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