One of the greatest opportunities I’ve had as a student at SUU was to be a part of the Presidential Search process. It was fascinating to learn about how it works and more importantly, to be able to represent students at SUU. As Shawn mentioned in THIS post, Scott Wyatt was named SUU’s 16th president back in November, but his first day at SUU began officially last Monday when he kicked off his “100 Day Listening Tour”. What is a 100 Day Listening Tour? This is where for his first 100 days as SUU President, he will be meeting with and listening to the ideas and concerns of SUU students, faculty, staff, community members, donors, alumni, etc.

Wyatt’s unofficial theme for his presidency is “it’s all about the student,” and in the short 9 days that he’s been here, I can definitely tell that’s true.  (Proof: hanging out in the Leavitt Center on his first day here, cheering on the T-Birds at Basketball and Gymnastics meets, meeting with SUUSA leadership, presenting at Pizza & Politics, Student Meet & Greet, etc.) Flashback to November after his interview, Wyatt said “if I get the job, I’m inviting you all over to my house to continue this discussion.” Well, he held true to his promise, because on Saturday, President Wyatt invited the panel of students who were a part of his interview process to come over for breakfast. It was great to get to know him and his wife better and be able to talk to him about what we love about SUU as well as what could be improved upon.

Student PanelThis is one of those “only at SUU” moments. Seriously. That’s why I love this place and what drew me to come to school here four years ago. Administrators, staff, faculty, other students–people care. Talk about a personalized education!

If you’re interested in learning more about what President Wyatt has been up to, visit his blog or the 100 Days website. You may just learn something about SUU you didn’t know before!

Bailey Bowthorpe is a senior strategic communication major from Holladay, UT. She has been heavily involved on SUU’s campus as a Presidential Ambassador for three years and is now the SUUSA Student Government Vice President of Academics. In her spare time, Bailey likes to hike, sing, eat popcorn and read autobiographies. 

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