Casino Night

The first week back from Winter Break is always a great one. It’s a chance to reconnect with friends, catch up on the latest happenings, and attend student activities as part of “Welcome Back Week”. This semester’s schedule boasted some exciting events but one stuck out as a fan favorite…Casino Night!!!!

When I think of a casino, the first thing that comes to mind is the high traffic and bright lights of The Strip in Las Vegas. However, as an SUU student we get the casino brought to us at least twice a year. Casino Night gives us the opportunity to dress as classy as possible, spend time with friends, and learn how to play card games like Black Jack and Texas Hold ‘Em without losing a dime.

Every person is given the same amount of chips upon entering and is given the chance to get more while increasing their chances of losing the chips they were given. I’m not a huge risk taker so my chips stayed nice and safe in my pocket all night long. I did play a few rounds but decided that my friend’s chips were easier to spend than my own. Last Friday night, over 1000 students arrived at the Hunter Conference Center dressed in their best attire ready to try their hand at the tables.

If you prefer to be on the dealing side of the table, student volunteers can show up early to be trained on how to deal all card games. No previous experience required! Pictured above is my friend Shaun wowing the crowd with his Black Jack dealing skills.

At the end of the night. all the chips were turned in and raffle tickets were handed out according to how many chips you were left with. The prizes ranged from things like cleaning supplies and toilet paper to bikes and TV’s.

Activities like this are one of my favorite parts of college and make me glad to be a T-bird.


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