Winter Break

I am fortunate enough to really be able to experience more and see new things and places in my spare time.  I went home to my family in Switzerland, and got to spend winter break in the comfort of my home.  I got to see so many new things, I even went back home to Germany.

I love traveling I think it builds character, I learn so much about myself and the world around me.  That sounds like something out of Eat Pray Love.  In all honesty I’m just constantly reminded of what stresses me, like having to be ready for the security line at airports.  I’m also reminded of how small the world is, I was able to see friends from Singapore, Wales, BYU, and Germany while I was in Switzerland.  It was absolutely wonderful.  I love the opportunities it brings.


This is the view from my house in Switzerland.


This is my little sister and the huge statue by across from our house.


This was the view from my hotel in Germany, and it was wonderful.

As I journeyed back to Cedar City yesterday I got really excited about all the new things this semester would bring.  Welcome Week being one of them, I’m  a sucker for Casino Night.  I’m also ready to get back into my classes, which is something I never thought I’d say.  I love school, and I’m ready to make the best of this semester.  So good luck to everyone this semester, may it be filled with adventurous and wonderful things.


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