How to Survive Finals Week: Another Guide


  • healthy snacks (granola bars, veggies, trail mix)
  • water bottle (reusable – save the environment)
  • scantrons and $0.50 to buy extra scantrons in case you lose/bend yours
  • Indie Holidays playlist on Pandora
  • textbooks and all your notes from the whole semester
  • scratch paper to doodle/plan your ideas on
  • or SUU Confessions open in a tab for your study break distractions
  • ugly sweater


Step One: Go to the library. You can’t get studying done outside the library. Trust me, I’ve tried. Set up your station on the third floor with your computer surrounded by notes, books, snacks, and water. You’ll probably see your friends there but put in your headphones (playing Pandora of course) to get rid of the temptation to talk to them.

Step Two: Actually study. Bury yourself in those notes and learn, learn, learn. Or, if you’re writing a paper or doing an assignment, make yourself work on it for 30 minutes before taking a break. Repeat.

Step Three: Take a break. Read or SUU Confessions to entertain yourself, walk around, say hi to one of your friends who is also taking a break (don’t distract your friends who are working). Give yourself a time limit on your break and then get back to work.

Step Four: If you find that you can’t concentrate at all and you’re getting nothing done, head over to the PE Building and go for a jog. It will relax your mind and make it easier for you to concentrate when you return.

Step Five: Chances are, during finals week you’ll be invited to at least one ugly sweater party. (I’m going to one tonight.) Allow yourself to go, at least for a little while. Ugly sweater parties are awesome.

Step Six: Get enough sleep. Then study some more.

Step Seven: Ace that final! You’ve done all you can and there’s no reason to stress about it now. Don’t forget your scantron, be confident, and walk out of there with your head held high. You did it!


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