How to Survive the Snowpocalypse: A Guide

It’s starting to get a wee bit nibbley in Cedar, which calls for some professional grade survival tools and skills to ensure your survival. Here are just a few of the handy dandy top tips that will guarantee a happy winter as written by a professional.

Number One: Always wear your “Woolies.” If you’ve got wool mittens, wool socks, or both, definitely use them. If you don’t, “get some!” They have saved my fingers and toes from the ever-so-chilly and sudden weather changes and probably frostbite too. I would talk about my belief that everyone should own a pair of Uggs, but that would be highly controversial, and therefore I will avoid the subject. DSC_3517

Number Two: Cocoa, Cocoa, Cocoa (or Wassail.) Load up on those warm drinks. Not only does it keep your hands warm, it keeps your soul warm too. And besides, who doesn’t love some delish hot cocoa on a chilly day? I expect #wassailwednesday to start trending ASAP. You go Glenn Coco(a)!IMG_0998Number Three: Layer it up! Just like a dear friend of mine once said, “Ogres have layers. Onions have layers. You get it? We both have layers.” Just like Shrek, you should have layers too. Don’t be afraid to bundle up in a long sleeve shirt, a hoodie or two, and a coat all at the same time. Also don’t forget your scarf, beanie, and of course your WOOLIES!

IMG_3710Number Four: Don’t be afraid to stay inside! You can appreciate the snow from both the outside AND the inside. Pull out those comfy sweats, cuddle up with your favorite blanket, and turn on a good movie as you watch the fluffy white stuff fall to the ground. Or if you are like me, pull out your chalkboard and doodle to your little hearts content in a fort you made with a five year old. Either works.IMG_3879Number Five: Appreciate the season! Let me tell you a little story. One morning Dylan woke up to her car buried in about two feet of ice and snow on the side of the road thanks to a blizzard the night before and her dear friends the snow plows. She was a little annoyed at first, but then a friendly stranger stopped on his way to school seeing that she needed help and excavated her car. Great story right? The moral here is that there are lots of awesome people in this world that deserve at least five gold stars if not more. Make sure to appreciate them, the snow, and all the opportunities for fun there are during this time of year.

I might have been a wee bit dramatic by calling it the “Snowpocalypse,” because it’s definitely not the end of the world. In all honesty it has been pretty fun. I have loved staying in with friends watching movies and catching up on the latest episode of New Girl, and playing outside as the snow falls and drinking dark hot chocolate afterwards. I feel like those are the nights I will remember most anyways.

Here’s to the ending of fall semester and the beginning of a cozy winter season! It’s gonna be a good one folks.

Peace and love to you and yours this holiday season,

Love Dyl.

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