Home Sweet Home

One of the most frequently asked questions I get when I talk with prospective students and their families is “why did you chose to come to small town Cedar City?”

After just returning to Cedar from a few days at home in Salt Lake City, my answer to that question has been reaffirmed. I miss this place when I’m gone.

It’s something difficult to describe, but every student from out of town would agree, there’s just “something about this place.” Cheesy, I know. But, true.

So, while I was home this weekend, I jotted down 3 reasons why Cedar City is THE superior college town:

#1–In Cedar City, everyone has an SUU license plate. I can’t help feeling that sense of pride in SUU as I drive around town. It’s everywhere. I should note that proceeds from the SUU license plate go toward student scholarships. It’s a very literal way to see how community members are supporting SUU students. (You also get a discount on your parking permit if you have one. Always a plus.)


#2–FESTIVAL CITY, USA. Need I say more? After I got accepted to SUU, the mayor of Cedar City sent me a letter welcoming me to Festival City. I had no idea what that really meant when I got the letter, but now I completely understand. The amount of times main street is shut down for some sort of parade or event is incredible. Not only that, but everyone in town attends the event. According to the Cedar City website, there are 15 different “festivals” throughout the year. Not to mention the largest festival of them all, the Utah Shakespeare Festival. To be surrounded by so many fascinating and fun events is always a blast. I recommend the Renaissance Festival. It’s prime time for people watching.

Cedar City Sign - Festival City USA

#3–In Salt Lake, I have a pretty awesome view of this mountain:


It is a gorgeous view and will always remind me of home, but, the red mountain in Cedar? Can’t be beat. I love that red rock!


My list could go on and on.

Maybe you thought this Salt Lake City girl would get tired of Cedar City after four years–but I have not. I really have come to love “small town Cedar City” more and more every year. It has been a perfect place for me to be while going to college. There is a strong sense of place here and students understand how much SUU means to the community. After all, many Cedarians (proper name for people from Cedar City) ancestors helped build this university into what it is today.

So, Cedar City, here’s an official thanks from a girl from Salt Lake City for the countless activities, events, support and most of all charm you have to offer.

Still not convinced you’d survive in Cedar City? Check out the Cedar City website here. Or the tourism bureau here. Or, even better, come visit!

Bailey Bowthorpe is a senior strategic communication major from Holladay, UT. She has been heavily involved on SUU’s campus as a Presidential Ambassador for three years and is now the SUUSA Student Government Vice President of Academics. In her spare time, Bailey likes to hike, sing, eat popcorn and read autobiographies. 

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