President Wyatt


     In case you didn’t know already, President Wyatt is going to be the 16th president of SUU.  He comes to us from Snow College and is an some ways a surprise pick according to the hearsay that happens in the underground at this University (If you want access to the underground scene, I don’t really know if it exists).  Beyond all that, I’ve heard really good things about the guy and just met him a little while ago.  He’s very genuine and courteous, and his wife seems just as good.  I’m very excited about this change, but from my experience working with Interim President Kendell, it will be sad to see him go. 

     Snow College has had a long, steady relationship with SUU and we are happy to house their former students, and their former presidents, Scott Wyatt being the second in a row after Michael Benson.  I’m excited for the change and to see what the future holds for the University.


PS> On a side note, thank you all so much for your support for my last post, I got the most views out of all the posts for the last few weeks and I wanted to show my appreciation to all of you through vacuous words of gratitude 🙂  Still, thanks.  Also, my future posts will be more exciting than this, but you can’t really get a new president and not talk about it a little.  This is SUU history people, and you’re a part of it.


Shawn Domgaard is a Masters student in the Professional Communication program from Gusher, UT.  He graduated with his BA in Comm Studies and Strategic Communication with a minor in Creative Writing in 2013 from SUU.  He is married to the beautiful Rachel Renae Domgaard, an Elementary Ed major from Parowan, UT.  He enjoys myriad things with an eclectic interest.


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