Let’s be honest. I’m a little bit OCD.

I like my lists, my events scheduled, and my activities prioritized before the week even begins. I am at least 5 to 10 minutes early to everything and always try to come prepared for whatever I am doing and wherever I am going.

My name is Dylan Lowe, I get a thrill out of accomplishment and organization. I am in love with Motivation Mondays. I think I might have a problem. “Hi Dylan”

FUN FACT: No matter how many lists you make, or how much planning goes into your week before the week even happens, there isn’t a whole lot you can actually control.

Who knew right? (Wouldn’t be Dyls without a dash of sarcasm.) But I have come to learn that life doesn’t happen the way you might expect it to.

But! Not to fear. I have come up with a few of my tried and true methods that get my mind off of the little things I haven’t been able to control, and help me relax.

  1. DOODLE. Names, cool words, numbers, addresses. Get’s my mind off of things and let’s be unleash the creative kraken.
  2. READ. In one of my classes we have assigned readings that need to be done before the next class. I always read them before bed.
  3. EXERCISE. Take a walk when ya need one. Go for a run.
  4. WRITE. Write a letter to a friend (or a stranger) or write in your journal.
  5. YOGA. AMEN. Every morning, every night. Even if it’s just stretching for a few minutes.
  6. STARBUCKS. Self-explanatory.

These activities are pretty much daily ritual at this point in the semester (OH YEAH FINALS) and without them I’m pretty sure I would have to alert the local news station of the impending explosion to give my fellow citizens a chance to get to their bomb shelters.

Really, I’m just thinking of others. #thoughtful #everydayhero

What are some ways you de-stress? Take a minute now to brainstorm.

3…2…1… GO.

Whatever you come up with, I dare you to take time to do it today.

I promise it’ll be good for ya.




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