SUU Athletics

My name is Kirsten, and I’m absolutely thrilled to be writing for the #tbirdnation blog this week! Like other authors on here, I just adore Southern Utah University and the experiences I’ve had here. I have had so many opportunities that I couldn’t have had anywhere else. Although I’ve enjoyed being involved in all sorts of areas on campus, I’ve found my new love by working with SUU Athletics.

photo 1  photo 3 

I was hired as an intern for Marketing & Promotions with Athletics at the beginning of the semester. My job includes doing game management for volleyball and basketball, helping out at other sporting events, writing scripts, and doing whatever random assignments I’m asked to do.

Internships are possibly the best thing ever. You get college credit for doing what you love without ever sitting in a classroom, and some will even pay you! My internships allows me to work with the best people ever. We know it’s going to be a good day when our outfits match, and we even dressed up for “Volleyball-oween!” We are constantly laughing and teasing each other, but it makes the occasional errors not so bad.

 photo 2photo 4 

One of my favorite things about working with Athletics is watching the students cheer on our teams (since I’m technically not allowed to cheer from the press table). We even released a rewards program this year on the Thor Corps app! Students get points by “checking in” to events which can be redeemed for sweet SUU gear. (I’m still saving up for the soccer jersey.) You can also look at schedules, take fan polls, and post pictures at games with the Fan Cam!

photo 5 photo

The athletics events at SUU make being a student here so much fun! There is nothing better than rooting for the best teams with the best people.


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