Roommates Are Great!

One of the things I was most nervous about when I came to college was having roommates. Would they be crazy? Would they be loud and stay up all night? Would they have the same interests I have?

The answer is yes to all of those questions. In the best way.

Some students cycle through roommates like it’s no one’s business, but I think less is more. When you find a good group of roomies, stick with them! My roommates have been my best friends throughout my time at SUU. I have lived with one of my roommates for all 4 years of college. Pretty awesome.

Here are three things to keep in mind about living with roommates:

Roommates will always help you de-stress. Whether it’s listening to your rants or laughing with you, they will always help you forget what you were worrying about, even if it’s just temporarily.

Exhibit A: This is my roommate Courtney and I in our freshman year. We were stressed about finals, so we wrote a song about it.


Roommates make great study buddies. Whether it’s preparing for a communication presentation, quizzing for a chemistry exam, or making up chants to remember all of the characters in a polynesian poem for an english class, roommates can always help out when it comes to keeping up with your studies.

Exhibit B: This is my roommate Whitney. I’ve lived with her for all four years of college. She is an EXCELLENT student. Last year, my roommate and I would quiz her everyday for her biology test. We even came up with a little chant: “Splenius, Capitus C7, T6. I C2C4!” Needless to say, she aced that test. 105%. Who even knew that was possible?!


Roommates can become your family away from home. They go to your intramural football games and cheer as loud as they can, they take you out for celebratory ice cream after a big accomplishment, or simply listen when you need to talkI’ve been pretty lucky to have some INCREDIBLY FANTASTIC roommates who have helped me through the ups and downs of college.

Exhibit C: My roommate and I walking home after her intramural football game during my freshman year.


So, if you’re worried about moving away from home, or having crazy roommates when you come to SUU, don’t be. Chances are your roommates will be your best friends.


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