Why SUU Is A Part of Me

I, like most people, get cold feet.  School-time jitters.  Am I in the right major?  Am I at the right school?  And my grandmother’s favorite question, will I ever get married?  Be it through the people I’ve met or the opportunities I’ve had, SUU just makes all my jitters go away. 

I struggled a lot my freshman year with declaring a major.  I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do.  I got to listen to a Judge one day as he presented to my class, and it just hit me, I chose to do law.  I got involved on campus with the politics center, and I came to realization that I wanted to be a political science major.  I’ll be sitting in class, or working with the Leavitt Center when I just sit there and go “This is exactly what I’m meant to be doing, and where I’m meant to be”.  I’ve learned so much since I came to SUU.


I’ve noticed at SUU, there’s so much to experience and learn that there’s never a dull moment, and when I struggle it picks me back up.  The campus atmosphere, the friends I’ve made, and the professors, who have helped me, remind me why I’m here and what I’m doing.  I’ve made friends for life; I can see our kids growing up together because of it.



Plus I discovered that I’m not the only Star Wars nerd.



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