Guys, I love SUU. You don’t know me yet but it’s true. My name is Emily Burt and I graduated with my Bachelors in 2011. I came into my own as a Tbird. I learned to feel confident as the person I am. That might sound super cliché but I get a little emotional about it. As an undergrad I dipped my toes in just about everything. I was involved with the Resident Hall Association, Table Tennis Club, Recruiting, Student Alumni Association, and the Southern Utah University Association. My opportunities outside the classroom are what MADE my SUU experience. The experience I had is the only thing that gave me confidence going into my post-graduation job hunt.

So two years after graduation when I was reevaluating my career choice, I knew I wanted to help other students get as much out of there SUU experience as I did. So I’m back for #SUURound2. I’m in the Master of Public Administration program right now emphasizing in Student Services and because SUU is all about the experiences, I’ve been blessed with a graduate assistantship. I get to work in the Student Involvement and Leadership Office and advice some of the best students you’ve ever met.

In the four months since I’ve started I been able to witness the following:

Students learning how to lead their peers.

Students learning how to work through confrontations civilly.

Students learning how to budget.

Students learning how to roll with the punches that life hands you.  (Like having your powder puff game be in freezing rain and loving it anyways.)


Students learning how to put on a night their peers will remember forever. (Like the 2013 Scream!)


And students making friends that will last long beyond their time on our beautiful campus.


Because that’s what we’re all about here, giving you the full experience.

I’ve been blessed to not one have it once, but twice.

Don’t believe me how great it is? Come visit!

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