Wow what a month! So much has happened, so lets get started…

First off let me say “Hello Goodbye” was A-MAZING!!! (If you missed out on this awesome concert your life is basically over…) but SUUSA did absolutely amazing! They had some great bands and activities going on. It was defiantly a night to remember.

Hellogoodbye concert

Hellogoodbye concert


I kissed a pole…

Almost immedeatly after the concert it was True T- Bird night. So instead of finding someone to kiss I thought it would be funny to take a picture with me kissing a pole. It somehow leaked on SUU confessions page. SO FUNNY! So there’s the story of my awkward life… No one will kiss me.

Just kidding I did get a true T- bird kiss too. I can say I Kelsey V. Stone am officially a true T-bird! With a french guy ( Just saying…)

My true T-bird

My true T-bird

-Check that off my bucket list.

The next day was the parade. Presidential Ambassadors had an awesome float. It was really fun dancing down the streets looking like a fool.

Homecoming float

Homecoming float

Homecoming game was THEBomb.com. It was crazy how packed it was! My roommates and I were standing on the stairs because of how many people were there which was awesome! (So much school spirit)

My roommates and I made these cute bows. We thought we were cool so we took a picture of the back of our heads… No big deal

Bows for dayzzz

Bows for dayzzz

Well…. Here is just a random picture of me trying to high five Sharwan Smith… didn’t work out very well….



Well peeps stay cool and stay in school! Until next time… And Happy Halloween!!

Kelsey Stone is a Junior at Southern Utah University. Majoring in Early Childhood Education. She loves hiking and ice cream. (Awesome combination) She likes to read and go for walks. She can’t wait until she can have her own preschool.


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