What is a T-Bird?

Mascots have been a part of every person’s life whether you are in middle school, high school, or college. These mascots are meant to instill school spirit and give us a sense of pride. Southern Utah University’s mascot is the Thunderbird (conveniently abbreviated to T-Birds). But, what does it mean to be a T-Bird?

1) Home football games. These are the biggest events in town! Face-painting is a way of life and everyone has to get a picture with Thor.

2) You truly come to love the beauty surrounding campus especially the Red Hill!

3) Cheering at athletic events is more than just cheering for names you see on rosters. You are friends with many of the student athletes outside of the sports world.

4) You witness the most beautiful sunsets around on an almost daily basis.

5) Everything is done bigger and better! Even the game ball is brought in by helicopter.

6) This is what your classroom looks like.

7) Student activities are the cool things to go to. Bingo night is on everyone’s calendars weeks in advance to make sure that nothing conflicts.

8) Forever Red is a party held during Homecoming Week that makes you more proud than ever to call yourself a T-Bird while enjoying music and food with fellow students and alumni.

9) But most importantly, you meet strangers that become your best friends and you hope to keep in touch with your whole life.

Calling yourself a T-Bird involves cheering on sports teams, attending campus events, and earning a degree. Calling yourself a T-Bird gives you experiences that give life and meaning to what goes on in the classroom. Calling yourself a T-Bird lets you make friends that mean the world to you and change your life.

Being a T-Bird is truly a way of life. I don’t know about you, but that way of life sounds perfect for me!


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