Lean in close to your screen and double check to make sure no one is looking over your shoulder while you read this, because

I’m going to let you in on some of SUU’s best kept secrets.

A lot of current SUU students don’t even know about this stuff, so you should feel pretty special. You’re already WAY ahead of the game.

Secret: Fudge Samples from the Convenience Store

Somedays, all you need is a little chocolate. But what a lot of students don’t know is (shhh…) the convenience store gives out FREE fudge samples. The fudge is DELICIOUS and there are always at least 5 different flavors to choose from. My personal favorite is the raspberry. Yum.


Secret: Arto Shop

My roommate learned yesterday that one of the SUU Auto Shops got transformed into an art studio for SUU’s art students. Isn’t that cool? It’s called the “arto” shop. I sure never knew that!

Secret: Sharwan Smith is NOT actually a pioneer.

When you visit campus, chances are the Sharwan Smith Student Center will be the first place you visit. It’s a great place. Upon your arrival, you might notice a statue of Sharwan waving at you in the Rotunda. She looks like a pioneer, but (here’s the secret…) she’s not. She was actually a student leader here on campus in the 1990’s who tragically died in a car accident in 1995. She was an exemplary advocate for students, hence why the center is named after her.


Secret: Roof of the New Science Building

The  building affectionately known on SUU’s campus as the “new science building” (it’s formal title is the L.S. and Aline W. Skaggs Center for Health and Molecular Sciences) has a roof that houses some really cool greenhouses. It ALSO is home to fantastic study areas with tables and chairs for students to sit at. I’m not a science major, but one of these days, when the weather is nice, I’m going to go up there and relax for a while–what a fun place to hang out!


Secret: The Grilled Cheese Sandwich from The T-Bird Grill

The T-Bird grill is one of  various dining options in the student center. Famous for it’s yummy burgers and fries, many students don’t know that the folks at the T-Bird Grill make a mean grilled cheese sandwich.  Made on thick, “texas toast” bread and loaded with cheddar cheese, definitely consider switching out that burger for a grilled cheese. I don’t regret it.


Secret: Tunnel between Adams Theatre and the Auditorium

That’s right, there is a secret underground tunnel from the Utah Shakespeare Festival’s Adams Memorial Theatre to the Auditorium. Sounds pretty mysterious, huh? Unfortunately, students don’t get to use the tunnel–it’s for the actors from the Festival to get off stage and into dressing rooms in the adjacent building.  But still…pretty awesome!

Secret: Special Collections in the Gerald R. Sherratt Library

In the basement of the Library, there is an area called “special collections”. A few months ago, I had a meeting in there with a group of students (many of whom where Juniors and Seniors) who said they’d NEVER been in there before. This is a travesty! It is one of the most fascinating places on campus. It literally feels like you’ve stepped into a museum when you walk in. You can see all sorts of interesting artifacts or learn about history of the University through the SUU Archives.


So, now you know. Future T-Birds, what are you most excited to see or experience when you visit campus?

Current SUU students, what would you add to this “best kept SUU secrets” list?

Bailey Bowthorpe is a senior strategic communication major from Holladay, UT. She has been heavily involved on SUU’s campus as a Presidential Ambassador for three years and is now the SUUSA Student Government Vice President of Academics. In her spare time, Bailey likes to hike, sing, eat popcorn and read autobiographies. 


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